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NGO to provide free psychotherapy to victims of Russia – Ukraine Conflict

Psychebabble Foundation ones again is staying true to her vision and mission – providing free and affordable mental health care to Nigerians home and abroad.

Due to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Psychebabble Foundation in collaboration with Agape love counseling & Insight wellness Therapy is now offering free psychotherapy sessions for settled victims of the conflict. Register here: Free Therapy

Mental Health care to Orphanage homes in Lagos Nigeria

Psychebabble Foundation is tackling mental health care to orphanage homes in Nigeria. The physical, social and brain development of children in orphanages have been negatively impacted and this if not checked can last a lifetime. Read more…

Mental Health Tour at Makoko Community

Psychebabble Foundation to train Nigerian youths on Substance/Drug use prevention.

Drug use prevention training organized by Psychebabble Foundation

The training is brought to equip and train youths on the basics of drug/substance use prevention and particularly evidence based prevention.
Training to commence Saturday 05th June, 2021 and is to commemorate International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

Mental Health Tour at Makoko Community

Psychebabble Foundation has partnered with Asads (Anti suicide and depression squad) and the medical team of Executives Initiative to hold a mental health tour at Makoko community on the 28th March 2021

Psychebabble will be providing free mental health and psychosocial support and counseling to members of this community on this day. For enquiries: Temi :0817 740 4766 , Ishioma:  0907 582 2187

Mental Health tour at Makoko

Training on Active Listening

Psychebabble Foundation to hold her in house training for volunteers on active listening – How to use active listening correctly as a counseling skill. The training set to hold on the 23rd of January, 2021 promises to be informative and educative.

Psychebabble foundation In house training

Psychebabble Foundation partners with Little Cell of Mine Foundation (LCOM)

We are starting off the year strong with this beautiful and important partnership.

One of the area of Sicklecell that is rarely talked about is the mental health of warriors. Just like any other chronic illness, sickle cell takes a toll on the mental health of warriors and on their loved ones.

On this note, we have partnered LCOM to start an online support community with the. The online support group consists of the main group and a private chat with therapist (provided by Psychebabble Foundation).

We believe this project will touch so many lives. If you would like to join or know anyone that may need this, please get in touch with us at and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Happy new year🌱

Psychebabble Foundation holds Support group hangout to celebrate World mental health day

The second edition of  Psychebabble Foundation’s mental health hangout/support group event was held on the 10th of October, 2020 to celebrate World mental health day.