Jo Deep’s Story

“Years ago, I was on my way to take my life. I branched the eatery in school to take my last meal. While I ate, I premeditated and eventually made a conclusion on the easiest way to take my life.
Why did I want to take my life?⠀⁣
I was done with life! What is there to it for me!?⠀⁣
Every morning, I woke up to fail at everything that people expected me to succeed in, I woke up to hurt people, I stole from them without thinking, lied, I created a false idea of my life just to be liked. I was tired! I couldn’t do this anymore! I was convinced that people would be happier if I was gone, they wouldn’t have to feel the pain that my existence brought. Neither would I?⠀⁣
I was convinced I was no good, I had tried, really tried to be better. I didn’t see myself beyond that point. I was atheist, eternity held no weight for me.⠀⁣

While eating, with no one knowing what brewed in my mind, @iamyemilevite walked to my table uninvited. He started speaking to me like he knew what I was thinking.⠀⁣
God said to tell you “ there is hope “ he said, then he began to share his story. I honestly do not remember a lot of what he said since I spent most of the time rolling my eyes at him. I do know that by the time he was done. I wasn’t thinking of dying anymore. I had new thoughts in my mind. How did he know? Is this God real? Did he care enough to send me someone? Is there really hope? ⠀⁣
I didn’t have much to go on, didn’t even have any answer yet but I had enough to start.. to breathe again, to smile, genuinely ⠀⁣
I journeyed into the God who fully knew me yet fully loved me enough to be bruised for my transgressions and to pour on me a spirit that causes me to walk in His ways⠀⁣
Years after, I count it a blessing to be celebrated the way I was on the 20th Jan and every other day that I am. There really is hope for everyone who receives the love of the father and grow in the identity that He made them in Not the one that the world speaks of you or your mind but the or your mind, but the one the Father spoke.⁣
I share this for the one who is where I was. ⁣
Behold, a living proof.

– Jo Deep